International Symposium Yoga & Health

Date : 18 May 2018 – Venue: Cité des Sciences de Paris

The Symposium invites you to meet the world’s leading specialists in Yoga research. We propose to bring the scientific subject to life through presentations and round tables, particularly around the impact of yoga on mental health or pain.
What are the measurable scientific bases that could support the beneficial character of Yoga and on what biological or psychic factors? What do we have today?
What evidence could health professionals use to support such practices in some prevention treatments or therapeutic approach? What are the prospects?
This is the challenge of the Symposium.

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Presentation of the Symposium

Objectives and goals of the Symposium


Yoga and Health, what does Science say ?
Bring reliable datas to researchers, health professionals and institutions


Expectations from the stakeholders
What is available and for what needs ?


Research priorities? Where and how to integrate the therapeutical value of Yoga ?

Scientists and academics from the United States, Europe and India will take stock of available data and present some studies that meet the needs expressed.
We will take stock of the effect of certain practices of Yoga on:

  • Mental disorders and brain function,
  • Stress,
  • Pain management,
  • Chronic diseases,
  • do we get the same results with all the methods?

Representatives of international agencies, public and private sector leaders will speak about their needs and the interest of relying on reliable data in order to integrate yoga practices in the health sectors.

Based on the results established, what are the gaps to be filled in research so that the practice of Yoga can take a legitimate place in therapeutic or prevention approaches?

In a broader and social context, we aspire to:

  • Stimulate institutional and private funding for Yoga research,
  • Overcome the principled reserves of conventional medicine and develop integrative models including yoga as therapeutic support,
  • Strengthen public opinion on the benefits of Yoga, especially working on its image as a prevention tool in health.